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How much does it cost?

We offer a fixed fee service for a undefended divorce the cost of which is £450 (Petitioner) and £250 (Respondent). If you are starting the Divorce process then there will also be a court application fee which is payable to the Court (not to First Line Family Law) of £550. Unlike other Family Law proceedings, in Divorce proceedings it is open to the Petioner to ask that the Respondent pays their legal costs. It is therefore important that you are properly advised throughout the process.

By divorcing (i.e. legally ending your marriage) you will not necessarily finalise or address the division of the matrmonial finances or what arrangements will be set in place for the children. If you are unable to agree, then there are other options such as mediation which can help to lower your legal costs. Ultimately though, your legal cost will reflect the level of complexity of your case. Much will also depend on the attitude and approach adotped by your former partner. As such having proper and sensible legal advice throughout the process will help keep your costs to a minimum. First Line Family Law seeks to lower costs by agreeing work and the approach to be adopted. The important thing to remember is every case is unique and therefore each case, and ultimately the cost, will revolve around the circumstances at hand.

Do you offer Fixed Fees?

Yes, unlike many other Family Law firms we are able to offer fixed fee services. We have moved away from the traditional hourly rate method of charging and are able to offer a combination of Fixed Fees and hourly charge services with a bespoke and tailored approach that fits your case and circumstances.

Where we are able to agree a fee we fix it so that you are able to properly budget for your legal costs. We believe that this will allow you to focus on your case and moved forward in the possible way.

How and when do I pay?

Once we have agreed the work that will be undertaken on your behalf we will provide you with a case plan that will provide details of the work to be undertaken on your behalf. This is broken down into key stages.

Each stage is individually priced and the cost fixed at the outset of the stage. Each stage will be individually costed and will stand alone from the former and latter stages. Payment is to be made at the outset of each stage to any disbursements (i.e. payments to third parties such as the Court). Work will not be undertaken without payment on account.

Is it all confidential?

Yes, any discussion we have with you is private and fully confidential. We will not discuss your case with any third party or approach your former partner without your knowledge and permission. We work closely with you and as such any letters that we send will first be approved by you and sent with your full knowledge and consent.

Can I meet you without my partner?

We cannot represent you and your former partner as this would be a conflict of interest. However, we have no objection to you bringing someone with you to any meeting for moral support. If you have entered into a new relationship as is often the case, and do not want to involve your partner then we will maintain your privacy and any discussions we have will be treated as entirely confidential. We will only ever discuss your case with you.

How long does it take?

Most Divorces can be completed in 3 – 6 months. However, this does not necessarily mean that the issues surrounding the division of the matrimonial finances or the children will be dealt with in this time as much will depend on your partner’s attitude and approach. We will discuss likely timescales with you at the outset of your case.

Where applications are made involving children the Court applies at timetable of 16 weeks. However, where there are issues of significant complexity then this can take longer. You must always also bear in mind the burden placed upon the courts by the number of applications that are made each year. As such waiting for Court dates can add extra time to proceedings.

The division of the family finances can be a complex area, especially if specialist reports are required for example if one party’s pension is particularly high. When an application to the Court is required a specific procedure and timetable is applied which can add time.

It should always be kept in mind that even when an application is made to the Court you are still able to negotiate with your partner which can ultimately potentially mean you are able to settle your case.

Need to know more?

We offer a full range of services from the beginning of a case to the end or simply on a Hearing by Hearing basis. We are also able to offer fixed fees for some services.

For an initial no obligation meeting with a specialist Solicitor (evenings and Saturday appointments available) telephone: 02920 660 163 or email:

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Richard has over ten years of experience with often difficult situations

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Kevin Bray


Richard dealt with a very heartbreaking situation for us, he was just what we needed to help guide us through the process. He was professional, but offered a fully tailored and personal service.

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Melina Matsoukas

Single Mother

Richard dealt with a very heartbreaking situation for us, he was just what we needed to help guide us through the process. He was professional, but offered a fully tailored and personal service.