Children and Parents

Helping where children are involved.

Whether you are divorcing or separating, when children are involved, an already difficult situation can get even more complicated and emotional.

Not all separating parents are able to agree who their children will live with and how much time they will spend with them.

The question of where the your children will live and when they will see the other parent is not an easy one to answer. At First Line Family Law we believe it is best for you and your partner to agree how you will each care for your children. Agreements by consent are usually longer lasting and make for a stronger co-parenting relationship.

Why First Line Family Law

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However, if the questions are too difficult or painful to answer or if you are simply unable to agree our expert specialist family lawyers can help. Whether that result is obtained by mediation or negotiation our focus and aim is to find the answer that best suits you and your family. If no agreement can be reached we can guide you through the Court process.

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Need to know more?

For more information on Parental Responsibility, Grandparents’ rights, what schedule of care you should have and how to approach the issues surrounding contact with your children or with whom they live, contact us to discuss your options.

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What our clients say

Richard has over ten years of experience with often difficult situations

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J. Williams


I remain very grateful to Richard for helping and guiding me through an extraordinarily challenging chapter of my life, I can’t thank you enough.

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Michelle Hunter Smith


Richard assisted me in Court and quickly grasped the myriad of complexities of my case and was able to offer me sound professional advice that put me at ease. I felt completely confident in his abilities. His assistance led to my case being settled without any further disputes or a need to go to trial. I would have no hesitation in recommending Richard’s services as an experienced legal professional. I wish him well and every success.